1. HEXDIG003 | Black Rider

  2. HEX011 | Learn to Breathe
    Tim Tama, Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini

  3. HEX010 | Shadowers
    MAERE, 6SISS, Bas Mooy, UVB

  4. XXX003 | Abolish The Law
    Lorenzo Raganzini, MAERE, Scalameriya, Paolo Ferrara

  5. Rammstein - Du Hast (Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini edit)

  6. Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini edit)

  7. HEXDIG002 | Anarchic Revenge

  8. HEXLIB003 | TechnoMetal (Sample Pack + Contest)
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini

  9. HEX009 | Anarock 19
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, Tim Tama, Antigone

  10. XXX002 | 2015X
    Paolo Ferrara, Raär, Illnurse

  11. HEXDIG001 | Metal Edits
    Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini

  12. HEX008 | Angels From Hell (Various Artists)
    Rebekah, Cleric, Under Black Helmet, Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini...

  13. XXX001 | Lockdown Era
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, Boston 168, Fractions, Felicie

  14. HEXLIB002 | Reaching The Aporia (150+ Samples Pack)

  15. HEX007 | Mind Religion
    (Nx1), Surit, Samot, Crystal Geometry, Motive Power

  16. HEX006 | Lose Something To Gain Everything
    Under Black Helmet, Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini

  17. HEXLIB001 | Anarchic Revenge (Sample Pack) [sold out]
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini

  18. HEX005 | Breaking Into Nirvana
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, SHDW & Obscure Shape, AnD, Inhalt Der Nacht

  19. HEX004 | Deviant Misbehaviours Vol. 1 (Various Artists)
    Codex Empire, Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, VII Circle, Julian Muller, more

  20. HEX003 | Under Brutal Law

  21. HEX002 | From The Depths
    VII Circle, NX1

  22. HEX001 | Omala Kcohs
    Paolo Ferrara, Lorenzo Raganzini, Zanias, Regal, Alignment, VSK, Insolate, VII Circle, more


HEX Recordings - Techno movement Barcelona, Spain

TechnoMetal label.

by Paolo Ferrara and Lorenzo Raganzini.

Part of HEX Techno Movement.

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